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Gisle Martens Meyer
Gisle promo shot by Eivind Senneset
Gisle promo shot by Eivind Senneset
Background information
Also known as GMM
Born April 9th 1975 (age 40)
Bergen, Norway
Genre(s) Electronica
Occupation(s) Music producer
Mad scientist
Label(s) Uncanny Planet Records

Gisle Martens Meyer (born April 9th 1975, Bergen, Norway)[1] (often abbreviated GMM) is a Norwegian musician. He lives in Bergen, and makes a living out of music.

Before working full-time on music, he was a programmer (according to Jan Haugland, he is an "expert in web design and intranet programming"[2]). Nowadays he owns a small independent record label called Uncanny Planet Records (established May 2006), which is connected to a lot of musical projects, foremost being Ugress. He's also the director of the board of BRAK (Bergens Rockaktører - en. Rock People of Bergen).

His first instrument was the legendary Commodore 64, and later on moved to Amiga, PC and then finally his current instrument; the Mac. The first total breakthrough of Gisle's musical career was Resound by Ugress, released in 2002. The album stayed for a total of 10 weeks on the Norwegian hit chart VGLista, peaking at #2 (week 38 2002). [3]

Gisle uses mostly Logic Pro and Kontakt to make his music, although certain tracks have a specific source of sound (such as the blog release Thingamagoop Boogie). His music also contains a lot of samples from other artists, movies, TV shows and the like. Legal issues are very important to Gisle, and while he's not pro-piracy, he's not pro-DRM either.

Gisles uses his blog, Journals of GMM, to communicate with fans, and share his opinions on the world in general and music in particular.

[edit] Recent activity

Most recently, Gisle has been composing and arranging music for NRK's new childrens TV show, Kometkameratene, together with Sjur Hjeltnes. The first journal post mentioning it is the Unicorn Countdown day T-74, November 16th 2007. [4] More detailed journalization started on June 25th 2008 [5], and the first episode of the show aired October 4th 2008, with blog posts for each episode, including making ofs and track sketches.

[edit] List of currently public projects

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